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All our products are 100% natural and have been made based on principles  ethical.


Organica Original uses organic ingredients whenever possible, but it is not always possible to find the most suitable ingredients for a formula that meets the requirement you are looking for. However, we are still looking for suppliers to supply us with these certified products.


In no event do we use any form of petrochemicals (such as mineral oils), sulfates, alcohol, or fillers within our products. All ingredients come from plants.

Each of our products has been handcrafted with love and pride . They are the result of hours of research and development to be able to offer the best properties. Time, knowledge, creativity, talent and originality are some of the concepts that explain that  added value to artisan products. In addition, they are made in small batches to guarantee their  traceability , quality and freshness .

The objective of Organica Original is to reduce the environmental impact generated not only in the use of products and their ingredients,  but also in manufacturing processes and packaging.  


All our products are ECO-Responsible and are packaged with SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS such as amber glass or aluminum can, which are recyclable and offer the best protection for the integrity of the product. The closures are made of PET plastic that can also be recycled. Organica's ECOLOGICAL PACKAGING consists of cardboard, paper or jute, using floral motifs to decorate, which are recycled and recyclable.

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Empathy and sensitivity are characteristics of Organica. Because respecting other lives, it is how we honor our own, no animal has suffered any kind of harm in relation to our activity.

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We believe in total transparency. We list all of our ingredients and use no fillers or hidden extras. In each product we show each and every one of the ingredients that make up each formula. The list of ingredients by law must indicate the name INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), which is a naming system for cosmetic ingredients based on scientific names and other Latin and English words. 

Also, here you can find a list of ingredients that may not be so well known. It is a dictionary that explains the origin of each of them.

Fem  Barri!
We also believe in local commerce and in supporting local merchants, that is why whenever possible raw material purchases are made in the neighborhood where Organica is based and we collaborate with local producers to provide the accessories that we offer in the region. page.
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